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Online Marketing For Swimming Pool Industry


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you generate leads from?

We generate our leads from a variety of different sources including organic, social media, paid advertising, content marketing and other methods. We customise our lead generation strategy based on what has been proven to be most effective.

What is your average cost per lead?

We have an introductory price of $100 + GST/qualified lead which will be increased to $200-$250 within the next 6 months.

With a closing rate of around 20% you will get a very quick return on your investment. No more wasting money on fraudulent link clicks or paying for poor performing leads from outside your area that you cannot service.

What is an average turn around time for results?

On an organic campaign, roughly 1 to 3 months before you start “feeling” leads come through from outside sources. We’ll provide statistical analysis and conversion reporting from our side to prove ROI on the leads we send you. You’ll also see them tagged if you are using Google Analytics.

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